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About The PAST Foundation

How We Began

In 2000, an international group of anthropologists, field and research scientists, museum curators and educators asked the question: how can we connect real world scientific research with classrooms and the public. Dr. Annalies Corbin founded the PAST Foundation as the answer to the question. PAST Foundation helps schools and districts develop transformative learning strategies. PAST’s intensive hands-on approach with administrators and teachers is intensive. It’s not always easy but it is rewarding.

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About PAST Innovation Lab

Where We Are

After 15 years of transforming education through our unique approach of Anthropology + STEM promoting TPBL, PAST launched PAST Innovation Lab. Connecting directly with teachers through online professional development courses, a MAEd program and on-site workshops allows us to impact more classrooms and expand learning opportunities for teachers and students everywhere.

How We Link Learning to Life

PAST Innovation Lab is committed to improving education by promoting transdisciplinary problem-based learning (TPBL). Sounds exciting. Linking Learning to Life is a real challenge: the PAST plan to improve how we educate our communities is different for every teacher and every classroom. Teachers make the difference. We embrace this challenge, and work everyday to make a difference in the lives of teachers and students.

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PAST Innovation Lab is a part of PAST Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization. PAST Foundation’s work includes extensive Knowledge Capture within schools and districts, research, educational resources and publications.

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